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 Psychotheraphy, Psychologist in Warsaw

Analytic psychotherapy is helpful in treating the following:

  • neurosis, anxiety, phobias

  • psychosomatic disorders

  • hypochondria

  • mood swings

  • depression, lack of desire to live

  • personality disorders

  • eating disorders:

    • anorexia

    • bulimia

    • orthorexia

    • obesity caused by compulsive overeating

  • difficulties in relationships:

– inability to establish a relationship

– getting stuck in a dysfunctional relationship

    • inability to keep up a relationship

    • unstable, interrupted relationships, all ending up in a similar way

  • difficulties in making up decisions

  • failing exams caused by emotional problems or fears

  • problems at home

  • problems at work

  • inability to establish relationships with peers

  • loneliness caused by one’s own emotional limitations


Agnieszka Guzowska
qualified psychotherapist, psychologist

Warsaw - Włochy